Abbe Day-Merchant


Since 1996, Abbe Day-Merchant has assisted homebuyers and sellers make wise lifestyle and financial decisions. As a truly full-service real estate broker, she considers clients’ personal and financial situations, and then educates them about how the entire real estate, mortgage, and escrow process work showing all of the options open to them.

With strong negotiation skills from over 25 years of sales experience, Abbe is an expert on the complexity of contractual clauses, timeframes, and contingencies, allowing her to maximize each client’s bottom line. Additionally, her background in construction and design helps clients envision a home’s possibilities regarding remodeling and add-ons.

Most of all, Abbe is resourceful and creative. With her complete understanding of financing and sale options, Abbe can assess a client’s situation and current market conditions to find properties that, otherwise, would be impossible to attain. And true to her “full service” ethic, she offers practical and creative ideas to maximize her client’s investment when it comes time to sell or trade the property.